You’ve got Egg on Your Face

Whether mama told you her secret beauty secrets using household products or the latest Cosmo or trashy tabloid magazine had some DIY facial, most of the time, you’ll be standing at home realizing that you’re just a girl, standing in front of a mirror, putting sandwich ingredients all over your face with no results.I know you’re trying to save a dollar but isn’t there a better strategy than going through you entire condiments shelf and your kids wondering why all the cucumbers have traces of mascara left on them?Facials
The cheap: Mayonnaise Facial (Mayonnaise and egg whites)
The expensive: Chi-Spa at Shangri-La Facial
The realistic: Skoah Facials

Not all reactions are good reactions. At-home recipes often don’t have a properly monitored and maintained pH calculation and therefore can throw off the chemical reactions of your skin. So short term results can cause long term effects. Months down the road, your once perfectly balanced skin can be overly oily.

Chi Spa is about the complete experience. The setting is amazing, the product is good and the extra amenities are fabulous. Skoah is the more affordable spa experience but not for lack of quality. Their product is quite amazing. It brightens the skin, the product is not too heavy and you can choose to do a facial in-store or use their consumer friendly product created with an at-home spa experience in mind.

The cheap: Dr. Scholl’s heat massager (at London Drugs)
The expensive: Scandinave Spa Whistler
The realistic: Registered Massage Therapy

A heat massager from your drug store is good for your minimal kinks and crooks in your muscles but it’s not intuitive at all like a trained professional.

Scandinave spa in Whistler is an amazing place. Along with the massage treatment, you have access to use some of the best amenities the spa has to offer including the scandinave bath and sauna.

Registered massage therapy is a viable option as well. It is often covered in benefits packages from employers and massage therapists understand the body’s muscles for all stages and life situations. From sports to seniors to office employees, massage therapists can find all your tense points and iron them out to improve the body’s movements.

The cheap: Eggs
The expensive: Salon Stylist
The realistic: Zennkai

I love old wives tales. Eggs are supposedly good for your hair. Egg whites for oily hair and yolks for dry hair. The only problem his, it’s kind of a one shot fix. Cracking an egg open on your head only benefits you until the next time you use your regular shampoo and conditioning product.

Heading to a salon, treatments can cost more than a hair cut depending on what you’re looking for, and that too, isn’t a one shot deal. The smart thing to do is to go to Zennkai or asking your regular hair stylist for advice. Asking a professional for advice on what products to use in your hair rather than jumping on the DIY train and wasting perfectly good breakfast food onto your dry roots can benefit you in the long run.

Once I started focusing on my hair and talking to my stylist more, I realized that buying some product in the salons are money well spent, and places like Zennkai have higher quality products for prices competitive to shampoos at walmart.

I guess really, the point here is, it doesn’t have to break the bank to take care of your skin, or body or your hair. You just have to find the right things that work for you. You also just have to remember, it’s free to ask. Asking for advice is never a bad thing and just to be ultra conscious of what you’re putting on your skin, hair and body.