Who Hates Yoga?

I do. And you know you do too.

Anyone that says “omg that was amazing” after a class is not speaking their truth.

The truth is yoga is meant to be hard. All that hard work for all those subtle changes we experience is what makes yoga an incredible practice to incorporate into our lives. Sweat it out in HOT, stretch it out in FLOW….whatever you choose. If it ain’t hard, it isn’t doing what it’s suppose to be doing, which is breaking down inner barriers, making a connection and physically increasing your strength and mindset.

Yoga was designed to push you to places of being “uncomfortable”.

Yes, yoga is meant to be work. I’ve heard my daughter say many times, “but it’s hard! It’s too much work!” BINGO! You got it. Do the work. Always do the work. Hard work yields results. Trust me.

Keep hating yoga :)