What’s a Summer Body?

I’ve been picking up magazines lately and seeing all these articles that make me chuckle.“Get the summer bod you’ve been dreaming of”
“28 days to an ideal summer body”
“Celebrity Summer bodies: How Do They Do It?”I laugh every time someone suggests that they have seasonal bodies. Some people truly believe that they pack on extra weight because of holiday dinners or slowing down in their workouts have been interrupted by poor weather.Let’s get real People. During the summer months you can hit up the grouse grind or the chief and do an outdoor hike. You can bike ride, go for a jog, do yoga in the park, swim and so much more.But it’s not like there aren’t good winter options. Outside of the regular snow sports, it’s not like anyone expects you to stay outside. The local community centre or your gym have all the tools you need to make sure you’re giving attention to all your body zones.

Stop with the crash diets right before summer hits. Skinny is not the new black. Fit is the new black. Crash diets do not give you an ideal body type. One cheat day after 12 days of holding your body’s hunger hostage will just mess up your internal system.

Moderate your food intake and exercise regularly and on a consistent basis. It does not have to be everyday. Every other day is fine! Being a size 0 and looking unhealthy is super unattractive. It’s now a known fact that fitting a size 4-6 with definition and feminine curves are so much more “in style”. Most importantly, awareness of your breathing, your food, and your daily activities will have you most connected with your inner self which is key to being “healthy” in general.

Now is as good a time as any to change your lifestyle to incorporate a daily fitness routine, whether its something as simple as a walk to start or something as intense as cross fit.

Summer will never feel so good, when you’re not hungry, irritable and you feel natural in your own skin.

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