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To cleanse or NOT to Cleanse….that is the question

Ok, so just recently I did a one-day cleanse before Turkey day and then a 3-day cleanse post-Turkey day.  My first mistake was doing 2 cleanses!! Haha….well not really….Let’s look at it this way, juicing in general is good for ya so there are no mistakes in ingesting goodness.

Bottled Green Juice

I’m not used to doing cleanses in general so starting slow with just a one-day was a great choice.  The 3-day was ridiculously challenging and I snuck in some food for sure.  I will tell you that since doing these cleanses I have felt the need to introduce fresh juice into my life on a daily basis.

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I think that is what these cleanses are meant to do right? Besides CLEANSE us for a short period of time.  The idea is to encourage us to have better habits with nutrition.

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SO don’t beat yourself up about failing to complete a cleanse for the first time.  Think about all that goodness you are introducing your body to!  I know next time I do a cleanse, I will do much better than the first time!  SO to answer your question on whether to do a cleanse or not….absolutely do it.  You can’t go wrong with feeding your body all that nutrition.

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