The Food and Fitness Hustle

I’ve read and heard from people recently about the struggle to find peace and calm while trying to stay fit, eat right and manage a regular lifestyle. So I wanted to write a little bit on the topic.

First, let me say that there is no ultimate way to balance everything but I will happily share what works for me. It’s really simple. Everything I do revolves around one thing. Are you ready? I’m going to blow your mind.

I find peace and calm because I don’t feel guilt. Are you mind blown yet?

I want to be completely real with you. There are days where I love me some cupcakes. Like really love them. I’ll eat a cupcake because it’s what I wanted to eat, but I won’t feel guilty afterwards.

One thing I see all the time are people punishing themselves at the gym the day after they had a hearty meal. You might as well get the paddle out while you’re at it!

I have a vivacious appetite for amazing food and a huge affection for working out but both of those worlds are separate for me. I don’t take a bite of a pizza and think about how many minutes that bite will cost me in the gym. I also don’t work out with the calorie tracker on to see how much I can eat that day.

My peace and calm comes from enjoying the moment. I will savor every bite I take whether it’s a fresh chilled salad on a hot summer day, or some French fries and popcorn at the ball game.

I’ll do activities I love such as hitting up the tennis courts with Mom, or surf with my daughter in Tofino. Lately I have been enjoying just going to the gym at Richmond Oval or playing badminton with my daughter. Believe it or not, she really gives me a workout! I’m going to do all the things I love because when I work out, I want to love it while I do it. It’s rare that someone enjoys being on the treadmill and Stairmaster everyday. Branch out and find activities that you enjoy to do. It won’t feel like you’re working out. Let physical activity become a hobby in doing the things you love. The key to finding that love is to keep open minded in trying new activities. Being happy while you are being active helps the holism of peace and calm.

I’ll leave you with a final thought. When you eat a steak or chicken what are you doing as you chew your first bite? 95% of the population will be cutting their next bite before they are finishing chewing their first. Slow down and find an enjoyment in your meal. It will undoubtably change what you decide to eat when you actually take the time to taste everything.

On the flip side, when you work out, do you monitor the time elapsed, fat burned or whether you’ve fit the calorie burning stage? Stop watching the clock, and you’d be amazed at how much easier or more enjoyable it is.