The Family that Surfs Together

My daughter has fallen in love with surfing and we’ve been heading to Tofino to catch some waves together as much as we can.Surf trips are amazing. Not only do I get to spend quality time with my daughter, I get to take in the beautiful BC sights, have a little getaway from the city and also, I get to skip a couple gym days.

For those of you who are looking for a new work out, try surfing. It’s honestly so crazy how much of your muscles you engage. A city alternative would be something like paddle boarding.

You use almost every part of your body. Core muscles are where all your movements begin, you have to keep your core engaged in order to hold your balance. Your triceps and chest are used when you paddle and push up in a standing position on your board. Your legs are used when you press up on your board and also, as you get more skilled, your legs are what guide you carve turns.

I need to tell you, paddling out is so misleading. It seems like such an easy motion but going against the waves and getting far enough out to catch a good wave is exhausting.

Paddleboarding engages the same muscles but of course you use a paddle instead of swimming out and you also keep your core engaged for the entire duration of your time on the board.

Hey I could totally be happy as a gym rat, running the treadmills and hitting the weights but this was so much more rewarding because I got to see my daughter smile and we got to make amazing memories together.

Fitness shouldn’t be a chore, find a way to love it.

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