Surfing 101

My inaugural surf trip to Tofino usually takes place a week after the kids get out of school. My eldest daughter is a natural risk taker and is down to cooperate in any physical fitness that involves adventure. For me, I’m a little selective. For instance you will likely not catch me skydiving or bungie jumping. As for surfing…Every year it never fails….that rush of fear comes over me. Will I get up? Will I suck? Will I get too cold? So don’t get me wrong folks! I’m hardly a surf expert. I actually thought to myself this time….Why do even go surfing? Why do I even like it if I’m not that good at it? I figured out why. The fact that it is extremely challenging for me and if by chance I get a little better each year, I feel like I’ve accomplished something grande. This year I was determined to be better and I was. I surfed almost every wave I attempted. I was able to instinctively feel more in touch with the ocean, therefore choosing the timing and the good waves. So this year I boosted my motivation and confidence with surfing. Who knows though…maybe next year I’ll get slaughtered by a wave, but atleast I know Im making the decision to get out there! And maybe I’ll totally rock it!