Spring Break Time!

It’s a 2-week long recess for the kids and parents are racking their brains, trying to figure out what to do with their kids for the next few weeks as spring break starts.

No one wants their kids to sit in front of the tv all day watching cartoons or heaven forbid, daytime soap operas. They rather spend the days of their lives experiencing things.

No matter what your budget is, there’s plenty to do in our fair city – which by the way, has found it’s way to spring.

A little exercise:

  1. I know we’d all like to believe it’s beach weather every time the suncomes out, but for those who aren’t ready to brave chilly sands on their feet yet, head to 6 pack indoor beach where they have drop in volleyball courts for adults and children. Running around in the sand is an unbelievable work out for you, but it will undoubtedly be a riot for the kids and will surely get them down for their naptime with ease.
  2. The Extreme Airpark is such a huge hit. Canada’s biggest trampoline facility will surely entertain your jumping beans and get them reaching new heights! Not to mention, it’s super entertaining to watch them bounce literally, off the walls. If you can, find that kid inside you that urges you to jump right along side them – I mean if you can swing it, it’s your spring break too!
  3. Take your children on a physical activity that you enjoy. My daughter has come to Dojang with me before and she had the time of her life. Really, during spring break, all the little ones want to do, is everything you do – enjoy it while it lasts, I hear it’s not like that forever.

Some fabulous events:

  1. You’ve been to the Halloween and Christmas trains, and now youcan take one more ride on the Easter train. Complete with an Easter egg hunt (bring your own basket), and bunny ear making, this should be a hopping success with your kids at Stanley Park this year.
  2. Playdome at BC Place is back again! If your kids are anything like mine, their going crazy just thinking about all the rides they can get on now that they’re tall enough. Raise your hand if you miss the days when they could only get on the merry go round!
  3. You could also play tourist in our beautiful city. The Capilano suspension bridge, a visit to our mountains, a ferry ride to Bowen island for a picnic or even just taking in the sites at Granville Island or the North Vancouver Quay can bring out the fun in all of us. Granville Island has two hidden swing sets, one near arts umbrella and another tire swing near the east creekside, hopefully they’re still there!


For parents who are stuck on the beautiful days at the office, spring break programs with your local community centers are still taking enrollment for their spring break programs where a lot of these ideas are part of the itinerary – all you have to do is search for your local community centre, and select your child’s program based on age.

Whether you’re staying in town, or headed off for a family getaway, enjoy it, and have a great time. Try to avoid staying home indoors on the beautiful days, because before you know it, we’ll be under covers by the fireplace again!

Happy spring break everyone.