I felt obliged to shed some light on a great organization, Qmunity, a resource center for the lesbian, gay, trans and bi community.This organization offers resources and support from youth to elderly seniors, and services ranges from anything like questions about LGBT lifestyles and support on coming out all the way to addiction and elderly housing support. The Qmunity organization even has a free clinic in downtown Vancouver, lending free treatment and tests for STIs in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy.Outside of this, Qmunity might do something that most people would feel is the most important, building strength in numbers. Especially for youth in our community who may not receive this kind of support in their own personal network, Qmunity offers them a safe place to ask questions, learn and meet similar individuals who can help them through struggles that they may be feeling. For some, just knowing that there is a large network is enough to empower individuals.

Events throughout the year, including my favorite, PROM are just the icing of the cake of support and greatness that this organization accomplishes ongoing.

I’m so proud to be part of the LGBT community because it’s within these organizations and those who live their lives like this on a regular basis, that make this world more of a beautiful and harmonious place.

Congratulations to Qmunity for doing so much good for our community and the world around us.