My Dinner with an Icon

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Be it, chocolate, cheesy romance novels or an embarrassing favorite TV show, we all have them and we all tuck it away behind closed doors and indulge a little extra when no one’s looking.

Well I’m done. I’ve held my secret long enough.
My name is Reiko, and I am an addict. Of shoes. Charlotte Olympia shoes.

I’ve told my tale of shoes once before, but I’m so in love, I’ve had to do it again, and this time with inside information.

I went to dinner with one of my all time favorite shoe designer icons. Charlotte Dellal.

This british bombshell has swept the women of the world off their feet and replaced their tired heels with Italian, hand made, pieces of art. I mean, really, who needs a runway when you can strut the streets in these beauties.

Charlotte Dellal has a unique style, reinventing old Hollywood with a splash of color and the extra flare of imagination the way only Charlotte can do.

Her success is inspirational. A mother of three, a husband, her own siblings and a successful company that the queen of shoes, SJP herself is a fan of, there’s no reason any of us can’t be just as successful or ambitious.

My dinner with an icon didn’t end in me just gushing over shoes, although there was a lot of that, it was also an awakening. No matter what you are handed in life, you must follow your passions and do what you love. Set goals and accomplish them. And if all else fails, you only live once, so live life in fabulous shoes.