Luxury SuperCar Weekend

The dress code was “summer smart” and “elegant”. But the cars, the cars were fierce, hot and sexy.

For the fourth time, Luxury Supercar Show Weekend was in Vancouver. Van Dusen Gardens was no longer filled with exotic and beautiful flowers, but instead filled with exotic cars that any car enthusiast would have fawned over.

Last year I was honored to be asked to have three of my cars in the Luxury Supercar Weekend show. Two of them received some serious recognition and I was also so blessed to receive the Chairman’s award for my enthusiasm for cars. I never thought anything could top that but I was wrong. This year, I had the privilege of being a celebrity judge in the Modified Supercar category and I shared a proud moment with some amazing car aficionados when my Ferrari 458 Italia won an award.

The Ferrari 458 was custom ordered from Italy, with just about every carbon fiber option possible, with some added after market modifications. It’s my city car that doubles as a track car, and it is a serious show stopper.

Thanks to my sponsors this year, SR Auto Group and PUR wheels that helped make the 458’s transformational journey happen!

The car show was a such a tremendous success. It’s amazing that it’s doubled in size in just one year and I’m already gearing up to see what next year will bring. It’s always great to be in an environment where everyone shares a passion for something and celebrates each other.