Kid Motivation

So I’ve written in the past about activities that engage the whole family to be active together and it’s really as simple as going for family hikes, doing some fun seasonal activities or even a roll around the seawall on a bike or rollerblades.Even writing it, made me realize how much I enjoy doing these things but it wasn’t until recently that I realized what kind of external benefits it has for my children.My eldest daughter is such an inspiration.

As a parent, I’ve wanted to give my children any opportunity I could. My daughter has tried so many different activities, hobbies, camps, and programs. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. So when my daughter did a gymnastics camp, I thought that would be the end of that and on to the next thing like a lot of things in her past. The gymnastics body suit would go in the closet with all the other hobbies that are so “been there, done that”.

Somehow though, this became, “the one”. She researched all the class information, calculated the costs, and informed me that this was what she wanted to stick with and she hasn’t looked back since. Everytime her practice time comes around, she’s the one pushing me out the door, because she is just so eager to hit the gym.

I have to believe that it’s not only because she enjoys it but because as a family, we have set the example as adults to take up activities that are not only entertaining but also a good way to stay, active, fit and healthy. I mean, look at her grandma, she’s in her golden years and can still work me on a tennis court with her fast feet.

Her motivation, and her efforts to show me her dedication only pushes me in and outside the gym to do what I need to do, in order to get what I want to get and to be successful.

So thank you to her, and thank you to all the kids in the world that give parents a reason to push forward in their own passions.