Happy New Year

2014 was intense. A lot of changes. Good changes. New ventures, new friendships, new home, new relationships, leaving some things behind and collecting the building blocks in order to formulate my future. By the end of the year, I wasn’t just a woman, full of great ideas on paper, I had actually created something, and I was happy.The new year helps you reflect on your past and forces you to visualize the future. Let me share some insights with you.2014 – What I learned:

  • I have to be my own cheerleader – if I accomplished something amazing, own it. Your success should always be in the spotlight.
  • Embrace change – change is never bad. Evolution is necessary to grow and be stronger.
  • Live in the moment – Don’t be concerned of what tomorrow will bring, focus on your present because what you do today will undoubtedly change tomorrow’s path.
  • Be a boss – If you’re a true boss, you’re a solution finder, not someone who dwells on a problem. Choose a solution, and just keep it moving honey.
  • Laugh more – Positivity and joy attracts positivity and joy, and who wouldn’t want that?

2015 – What I plan to do:

  • Hustle – No excuses, no second guessing, just shoulders back, chin down, strut to my next finish line.
  • Smile – Do things that make me happy. DJing, track racing, baking (sans wheat), whatever it is, I’ll be happy doing it. Happy me equals happy family equals happy life.
  • Being a good student – Making sure I’m sitting front row in life class. Continuing to learn more about business, my interests and my passions in order to make me the best I can be.
  • Staying healthy – my health game has to stay on point. I have kids to keep up with and have you seen my mom on the tennis courts? She’s still killing it!

My new years resolution this year, is to continue to grow in all aspects of my life. Grow as a parent, grow as a business owner, and grow as a woman. I’ll hope I’ll see you along for the ride. Bring it on 2015!