Gluten free beer

Have you tried my amazing gluten-free beer CORSA? If not, you will definitely need to order my crisp and clean blend today! So whether you are celiac, gluten sensitive or are trying out the gluten-free diet, you will love CORSA and its gluten-free beer recipe.

Why try my gluten-free beer?

CORSA - The Best Gluten Free Beer In All Of Vancover, CanadaIf you are committed to the gluten-free lifestyle, you may have discovered how much gluten is in everyday products from soft drinks, ketchup, syrups and more.

Do you find it impossible to find a gluten-free drink or beer at a bar? The next time you are at a bar or restaurant, check the menu for CORSA, my gluten-free rose beer.

At 5.5% ABV 30 IBU, CORSA is delicious gluten free rosé beer with all the strength and taste of standard craft beers.

CORSA is totally gluten-free and is a clean and crisp beer that has been made using locally-sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.

The beer was brewed at Ground Breaker Brewing, an independent brewery in Portland. It was important for me to ensure that the brewery was 100% authentic.  Here is why I chose Grounder Breaker Brewing:

  • Owners are celiac
  • 100% gluten-free facility
  • Use local ingredients
  • Experienced gluten-free brewers
  • Wide range of gluten-free beer list

The story behind CORSA

I have been making my own gluten-free blends for over five years at home, and I wanted something that would appeal to health-conscious females which is why it is a bubbly pink color. It was important that the beer had a crisp flavour that would also appeal to craft beer connoisseurs. As a beer connoisseur, I saw the popularity of pink beers like Fruli (a Belgian strawberry wheat beer), and I felt more inspired to provide a tasty gluten-free beer.

The beer was made in conjunction with Ground Breaker Brewing in Portland, who lead the market in their gluten-free production. CORSA was made from the following range of ingredients: brown rice, gluten-free oats, blackberries and hops.

CORSA is Italian for “race” and expresses my love for racing track and Italian supercars. I love racing, and I wanted to create a beer with the style and full-throttle of my favourite cars!

Pop, pour and share

CORSA is available at all good restaurants and bars, so don’t hesitate to try my gluten-free beer today!