Fresh Prep Food

Fresh Prep Friday

Like many modern moms, I am a full-time mama with kids who are full-time extra-curricular athletes.  So running businesses, being me, and raising kids….Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do…but I don’t always have time to cook.

image2_fresh_prepMama deserves a load taken off once in awhile!

I mean let’s face it, food delivery services are popping up everywhere BUT….one that delivers ‘super fresh’ quality produce that is proportioned and prepped, AND with a recipe guide??

Yes! It exists! I HAVE FOUND IT.  I was so impressed with Fresh Prep.

The other night, busy as I am…grandma Keiko took to the cooking. I just told her a delivery of food was coming and to follow the instructions. She had no idea but was kind of excited to see what I was talking about.  I came home to some serious yumminess and a happy grandma who was super proud of herself for putting together a gourmet meal.

Fresh Prep FoodWhat I loved about Fresh Prep was the freshness of the ingredients. It isn’t a frozen meal being dropped off.  I mean I definitely see the easiness and charm of that too but I do love to have freshly made food.  The easy-to-use recipe card is really cool too!

They also have weekly specials which means you can still order your faves but get an option of choosing something new.  Thumbs up! I’m totally subscribing to this!

Pictured are:  the Tuscan Portabella Mushroom caps with Sautéed Collard Greens

And the Costa Rican Black Beans with Sour Cream, Lime and Jasmine Rice