Fitness Made Easy

Did you know that health, fitness and weight loss goals are among the top resolutions at New Years? Did you also know that gym memberships spike in the months of January (for those who get right on it) and March (for those who wait) to start their resolution? The most daunting statistic is that only 4 out of 5 gym memberships are actually used!

So let’s make it easy. I personally enjoy the gym and physical activity but others don’t. Some people need an extra push. So what works for you?

Here are some suggestions.

The Keener work out buddy
Everyone has that one friend. The one friend who goes to the gym everyday at the crack of dawn to jump start their day with a good sweat. Find that friend, in your inner circle and ask them to help you stay on track. They are headed to the gym anyway so ask them to make sure you’re coming too. Carpool. Have her be your morning alarm. Make them the last meeting of your day. Whatever you need to do to stay on task. And you know they’re there as someone you need to answer to besides yourself.

Join a recreational sports team
Whether it’s Soccer, Volleyball, or hockey, joining any kind of sports team makes you more accountable. It’s fun, it’s social so it doesn’t feel like you’re really working out but you’re definitely being active. Besides, you’re more inclined to show up to practice or a game because there are others who are dependent on your attendance.

Take Up A Class
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Joining a class in something you’re interested in makes more sense than forcing yourself to enjoy using the machines at the gym. Also, if you pre pay for an allotted amount of sessions and it’s at the same time every week, you’ll most likely show up. If you want to become a gym person, hire a personal trainer. If you enjoy dancing, find a dance class. If you like swimming join a swim club and if you want to get into running, join a running group. Anything that is at the same time, same place and same faces will make you feel more accountable to show up and can limit the excuses of not having the time to go.

At the end of the day, it’s about you. What works for you. Once you find that, it becomes less of a task and more of a fun outing.

Nike said it best – Just Do It. And then do it again.