Easy gluten-free Desserts

I figured those who are new to the gluten free living may find it challenging to be creative. Entrees are always a big focus so I like to share ideas of things people often forget about.

I know that once in a while I have a sweet tooth and recently, after having one of my gluten-free lemon cupcake baking binges, I started to think of more simple dessert ideas that are gluten free friendly.

1. Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut butter cookies are a four ingredient easy bake. Peanut butter, some type of sweetner (sugar, stevia, honey), egg and vanilla. A few minutes in the oven and done!

2. Fruit Parfaits
Chia seeds mixed with almond milk over night turns it into a pudding-like texture. Top it with some fruits and it becomes an amazing dessert.

3. Mango Mousse
Mangos, lime juice and some cream creates a fluffy whipped mousse that are a hit and can pair with any five course meal theme.

4. Ice Cream
If all else fails, ice creams or sorbets from the corner store are a huge hit too. Gluten free can’t take that away from me.

Now, I’m not saying these options are “healthy” but they’re definitely lighter than a pound cake.Happy Monday. Hopefully you can treat yourself tonight with one of these grain free pick me ups!