‘Cause you Cant BLO Yourself

Here’s the scenario. It’s Monday morning and you’ve volunteered months ago to be a supervisor on a school field trip for one of your kids, it’s a bake sale day for another child, you have two meetings scheduled across town and to top it off, you have an event that evening that you need to look fabulous for.The commitment to your kids, you can handle, the meetings and work are a piece of cake but your hair? My ladies will understand the difficulty of doing an updo right in the middle of your head with the perfect amount of curls tracing your face, and volume that doesn’t turn out like a beehive.Honestly, there have been times where I’m twisted in all sorts of pretzel like ways trying to see what my hands and bobby pins are doing back there, I’m pulling muscles, getting sweaty and watching the clock and the seconds wind down, with each passing moment, knowing that whatever creation I’m fiddling with back there, is going to be a) a mess tonight and b) painful to take out tomorrow.

Enter blo. A hero to women everywhere. In about 30 minutes and at around 30 dollars, I’m sitting in a hot pink heaven, sipping water, reading a trashy magazine, winding from my day and getting a red carpet worthy hair do for my upcoming event.

They think of everything, they have a style book for those days where you have no idea what you want, they have every hot tool ever created for your hair and to top it off, you can start a tab, so that I can literally run in and run out without the hassle of charging my credit card everytime.

They have three locations in metro Vancouver and numerous locations across Canada and the United States, even in the Philippines and your tab and your account works across all locations. Amazing right?

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or visit to book an appointment now. The owner, Jenny and her team are so sweet, it will instantly feel like you’re in the company of your closest girlfriends.