Area 27

For some people, the golf and country club days are a thing of the past. Getting in your whites to play some tennis at the famous tennis club in town seems to be just an average sunny weekend activity.

Of course it feeds your need to be active, but it really doesn’t get your heart racing anymore. Someone call the doctor, the weekend is starting to flat line, and it needs to be resuscitated.

Enter Jacques Villeneuve. Canada’s most accomplished professional race car driver, and subsequently the designer of the track. Only fitting of course.  A quick drive up to Osoyoos brings you a new twist on an exclusive club to be a member of.

Area 27, perfectly named “27” for the legendary number that Villeneuve and his father raced under is the newest proposed “country club” style facility. The only difference is, there are no golf clubs. You’re the driver, and the only thing close to an iron is cast iron parts in car engines. Members will be able to drive their performance cars on a purpose-built track, with facilities on-site to service, fuel and store or detail their machines.

As a founding member, Im very excited to fine tune my driving abilities once again, but this time on a grand prix style race track. I can only tell you that my adrenaline is fear-based every time I even enter a track facility.  After all “fear is excitement without the breath” (Fritz Perls) ~ love this quote!  I encourage all you car enthusiasts and newbies to face your fears.  In fact, we have fun for the whole family. A cart track will be built where children as young as 8 years old can learn to drive carts.  Full on instructional facilities as well.

Put away your Callaways, store your Wilson tennis racquet away and grab your keys, rev your engines and get ready for an adrenaline raising, rubber burning, checkered flag summer.

To become a member and join me on the track, visit: