A Full-Throttle Gluten free beer: CORSA

The summer is winding down, the sun sets a bit sooner than we’ve grown accustom to. Bartenders are seeing the decline in Sangria orders, pitchers of Mojitos are at a stalemate but one thing is for sure, it’s always beer season. With that said, there’s no time like the present to introduce this health conscious city to a new un-indulgence.

Most people associate me as an original Real Housewives of Vancouver cast member. They know me as the sword fighting, speed racer who tells it like it is. But here’s a new fact. I consider myself an unofficial beer sommelier, so much so that I’ve come out with my own brand of Gluten-Free Beer.

After almost two years of recipe experimentation, health conscious ethos we developed the first of its kind, Rose Gold Ale. I am very proud of this ale, as it encompasses the perfect blend of visual beauty and palette structure.

And word on the street is, the beer is flying off the shelves faster than I can get around the track in that Ferrari you keep seeing around town. Light on the bitters, lovely distribution of hops, a slight hint of flavor and an alcohol content worthy of the experience, just do your taste buds a favor and get yourself a bottle.

Your first opportunity to try Corsa Beer will be on September 5th at Granville Liquor Store (On Granville street, between 10th and 11th ave) from 4pm-8pm and September 13th at Legacy Liquor Store (1633 Manitoba St) from 4pm-8pm.

About Corsa
Corsa: Italian for race. Corsa is the perfect reward for aprés the track or the trail. Rose Gold Ale, the first of its kind is an accomplished brew with a clean, crisp finish. Zero gluten and 500 horsepower of fresh local ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Whether you are racing to the top of the corporate ladder or the top of the grouse grind, you worked hard for this. Pop. Pour. Share.