3-day Juice Cleanse

JC3Everyone knows I love food. And I love to eat. I’m always down to try the newest restaurant, a new recipe or just an excuse to order the newest gluten free dish available at a local dig. So juice cleanses are not usually my top choice at feeding time.Two guys and juice truck have changed my mind. No, I will not stop eating and solely base my diet on juices, however for a system reboot, or before or after the holiday season, one of my go to’s is the Juice Cleanse.I recently tried the Juice Cleanse 3 day plan for the first time.

First of all, the juices were sent right to my door and they were fresh. The system was easy to follow, and it was clear which juices to drink and at what parts of your day.

Secondly, they were tasty. When I read that I was about to drink a blended concoction of cucumber, spinach, celery, parsley, lemon and apple… I have to admit… I was a little nervous. But with in seconds, I felt like I went through half the bottle!


I have to say that my favorite was the strawberry, kiwi, apple and lemon blend. Maybe it was nice to get that blast of blended fruit every so often.  I honestly felt more energized than ever during this cleanse. Aaaand while juicing we are permitted to eat raw foods as well (in case you feel like you miss chewing). I did one day but the juices kept me filled perfectly that I didn’t want to kill my perfectly balanced energy!

The three day cleanse was so good that I think I’ll go try the next level of juicing….the five day cleanse. Im a little nervous about attempting such a commitment yet but now that the holidays are over I think it may be that time again!


Happy Juicing!